Find your remedy anywhere in the world.

Wellness Tourism is travel for the pursuit of enhancing your personal wellbeing. 
It is also a segment of the global tourism industry that has the common goal of marketing natural assets, activities and environmentally comitted hotels, resorts and retreats that are focussed on delivering superior wellness experiences for the insightful consumer. 
Welcome to Remedy Travels, a transformative travel company.
Meaningful travel starts from within so here is where your journey begins. Remedy Travels has carefully chosen the best wellness retreats, practitioners and programs from around the world so you can be confident that we will match you with the right one. You can also research the portfolio for programs and destinations to suit.

Wellness tourism means different things to different people, some are searching for focussed activities such as yoga and meditation. Others could be immersing themselves in nature with long hikes, bike rides or forest bathing to psychoactive plant treatments. Others again, travel to learn how they can ‘live a more rounded life’ through diet support, mindfulness practice and meditation through to undertaking thorough medical health checks.

All, though, are looking for a reboot to great holistic health.