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Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa

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About this hotel

Designed for your Well-being

The luxury of time and space. A dream world, dedicated to your total relaxation, to rediscover yourself while body and spirit relax. Admire the splendid view of the sea and let the external panorama enter through the large windows and seduce you into a space decorated with essential touches of class, such as the fresh flowers that you will find in your room every day. Let yourself be enchanted by the pure essence of the lines and shapes of the Almar Jesolo Suites, pampered by a personalized five-star service. All rooms have a private terrace and are custom-furnished with Made in Italy design, to unwind in a modern yet timeless environment, wrapped in a total sense of well-being.

Healing Focus

Almablu SPA

Much more than a SPA

Welcome to the world of the Almablu Spa, a sweet refuge for the mind, an oasis of well-being for the body.
Delightfully overlooking the sea, the Spa is spread over a space of 2,000 m2, designed in every detail to let go of tension and rediscover one’s balance. The reception of the Spa, a perfect welcome, is a welcoming and relaxing environment where the Almablu Team will take care of you, ensuring you a real Spa Experience. The experience begins in the suggestive wetland area: an excellent and effective antidote to stress and tension.

Through the glass tunnel it is possible to directly access the 70-metre long outdoor swimming pool – partially covered by a spectacular glass structure – and heated from 27 to 30 degrees where you can relax your muscles and mind in an expanse of turquoise water.
Going up to the second floor, the 9 cabins and the exclusive seafront Private Spa are the ideal space to be pampered with one of the treatments from our extensive Wellness Menu, created exclusively for the Spa and made with the Almablu line: the prestigious cosmetic line created for our Spa.

However, please note that some services, such as the SPA, the reception service and catering services, may undergo variations in terms of hours and operations based on the health regulations that will be implemented, also by law, in order to safeguard the health of our Guests and our collaborators .

Signature Treatments

Energy Massages

From the wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Almablu energy massages are rooted in the wisdom of Classical Chinese Medicine, in which the main objective is to primarily treat the cause and not the symptom linked to stress, to restore balance, harmony and well-being in the person. The dexterity is inspired by the ancient Chinese massage “Tuina” which acts through a targeted technique on the energy meridians of the body and on precise points used in acupuncture. The gentle and rhythmic movements, in an atmosphere of absolute relaxation, reach the depth of the spirit through the body.

A moment: 25 min
A moment… the little time to take care of our body… a moment and the tension in the back goes away… the back component where all our tensions and stress pour. These 25 minutes will be an unforgettable moment. The back is the yang: the stimulation of the bladder meridian with rhythmic passages allows our system to let go of tensions to feel light and ready to face everyday life.

The flower and the roots: 50 min
The result of an ancient technique called On Zon Su, energetic plantar reflexology generates a great benefit to the body’s reflex organs through the stimulation of specific points on the foot.

The journey between heaven and earth: 80 min
The stimulation of points and meridians through fluid, gentle and enveloping manual movements is able to lower tension levels, relaxing the muscles of the body and significantly relieving stress.

Reflections of the self: 50 min
Based on the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine, through the fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, “Yin and Yang Harmony” works on the course of the meridians starting from the hands and feet. The energy thus awakened gives the body a wonderful feeling of vitality.

Play of strength: 40 min
Hot oil and lava stones for a massage dedicated to all those who suffer from muscle-tensive contractures at the back and lumbar level. The stones relax the tense muscle bands, while the heat of the oil produces vasodilation by relaxing the connective tissue and muscle fibres.

Light at dusk: 40 min
Thanks to the oriental massage technique called Tuina, the face relaxes its features and the facial muscles regain shape. The signs of aging fade and the skin, nourished with new vitality, shines with light.

Dispel the clouds from the sky : 40 min
The face represents our identity, in its various expressions and slight variations in color we can appreciate the well-being of a person. The ancient Guasha technique, by stimulating the points and meridians of the face in a targeted manner, brings out the luminosity and stimulates the skin’s tone immediately after the treatment. Thus our truest and deepest nature emerges, together with that brilliance that also expresses the joy of living.

Regenerating Moxibustion: 20 mins
Stimulation through heat is an extremely pleasant ancient practice of classical Chinese Medicine which activates the circulation of vital energy – known as Qi – through the energy meridians. The heat is transmitted to the body thanks to moxibustion, a mugwort leaf cigar which through the heat stimulates the bladder meridian points and activates the body’s energy. For a new sensation of vitality and well-being, we recommend combining the regenerating moxibustion with the energy massage “The lightness of being”.

The Lightness of Being: 50 min
Lightness, enthusiasm and vitality will be the sensations that will pervade body and spirit at the end of this regenerating energy massage. The activation of the energy occurs with the stimulation by our therapists of the kidney and gallbladder points on the path of the bladder meridian. The regenerating beneficial effect will accompany you in the following days, instilling an exciting propensity for life.

Detoxifying Moxibustion: 20 mins.
The objective of detoxifying moxibustion is to free the energy meridians for a correct flow of vital energy Qi. The Almablu therapists will apply the technique of classical Chinese Medicine with circular passages of the artemisia cigar – known as Moxa – over the points of the liver and kidney meridians. The diffusion of heat by induction will help restore the flow of energy and blood in the body, restoring balance. For an even more effective effect, it is recommended to combine the detoxifying massage “Oltre il confine” with moxibustion.

Beyond the Border: 50 min
Life is a balance of opposites, disequilibrium seeks balance. In this search for harmony between inside and outside, the detoxifying energy massage “Oltre il confine” acts on the deepest sphere of the ego through the body. The stimulation of the liver and kidney meridians is reflected on the inside to put the body’s detoxifying functions back into circulation. The boundaries between the two realities become ephemeral and a new luminosity springs from the inside towards the outside.

Almar Experience

Directly on the sea, Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa combines the elegance of Italian design with the most exclusive services for your 5-star stay, where space and time acquire a new meaning to rediscover one’s rhythm and well-being.
The security of a new simplicity, created with attention and freedom, in a perfect combination for a personalized and tailor-made holiday.
Almar gives you your time and your space: a precious gift made up of instants and moments, experiences and memories to rediscover one’s energy, creativity and inspiration.
Everything has been designed for a functional and comfortable stay aimed at personalizing your experience.


Whether you are looking for an inviting breakfast to start your day, a fresh and light lunch or a refined dinner, let yourself be delighted by the wide range of gastronomic choices available at Almar Jesolo, served throughout the day. In the afternoon, enjoy a refreshing drink by the pool surrounded by the casual and sophisticated atmosphere of the LightBlue Bar; let yourself be carried away on a gastronomic journey through Italy by the Mediterra Restaurant, the ideal setting for a romantic dinner for two or a more formal culinary experience. And to round off your gastronomic journey, you can’t miss an evening cocktail in the elegant The River Lounge Bar, or, if you prefer something less formal, our seductive afternoon tea.
However, please note that some services, such as the SPA, the reception service and catering services, may undergo variations in terms of hours and operations based on the health regulations that will be implemented, also by law, in order to safeguard the health of our Guests and our collaborators .

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