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COMO Parrot Cay

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About this hotel

In the Northern Caribbean

The award-winning private island resort in the Turks and Caicos is a true luxury escape: 1,000 unspoiled acres, four miles of white sand, quiet beach houses, and large private residences drenched in light. It is a place to retreat to, to nurture body, mind, and spirit.

Healing Focus


The Turks and Caicos COMO Shambhala Retreat have a calming spirit, with treatment pavilions overlooking the North Caicos Channel. It is a sanctuary, on the opposite side of the island to villas and suites, with a light-drenched yoga pavilion, Pilates studio, and Jacuzzi garden. Numerous daily wellness activities and holistic wellness therapies are available.

Massage Therapy

COMO Shambhala Massage

The nurturing COMO Shambhala Massage is our signature massage that uses our blended massage oils to completely calm the mind and gently rejuvenate the body. This is an ideal massage for those making a commitment to improve their general wellbeing as it helps to rebalance both body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

COMO Shambhala’s restorative Deep Tissue Massage relaxes the body and allows for the release of deeply held patterns of tension. The techniques used during this treatment all help to increase blood and lymph flow, so muscles can once again operate at full capacity.

Indonesian Massage

This authentic Indonesian Massage uses our signature blended oil to help rejuvenate the body. Our experts incorporate both rolling and kneading strokes, providing a good therapeutic workout and inducing deep relaxation.

Prenatal Massage

Our Prenatal Massage is a specially designed treatment for all stages of pregnancy after the first trimester. It includes a footbath, full body massage and relaxing facial massage. Pregnancy support cushions are used throughout to ensure total comfort.

Indian Head Massage

Beginning in a seated position, our Indian Head Massage helps relieve stress-induced tension in the head, neck and shoulders. A gentle facial massage of the nine Marma facial points is also included.


COMO Shambhala therapists use reflexology to help induce deep relaxation. By understanding how the body’s organs respond to gentle pressure to reflex points on the feet, our experts can use reflexology to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes. This is an especially nurturing treatment after a day’s traveling or walking.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage assists in unblocking trapped energy and improves vitality. With this type of healing treatment – sometimes known as passive yoga – our expert COMO Shambhala therapists maneuver your body into yoga-like stretching positions, applying pressure along the meridians and mobilizing joints. No oil is used during this treatment and Thai pyjamas are provided.

Hot River Stone Massage

COMO Shambhala’s Hot River Stone Massage is a powerful therapeutic treatment that uses smooth, warm-oiled stones to promote a profound sense of relaxation. Gliding the stones along the muscles, the massage corrects tensions at the deepest level, addressing deep held muscular knots. The treatment also involves dynamic stretches.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a type of gentle massage designed to encourage lymph drainage, carrying toxins and waste away from the tissues, and aiding the body’s natural detoxification process.

Couple Massage Workshop

A private couple’s massage class, teaching you the skills you need to benefit from this centuries-old healing tradition at home. Our massage therapist will teach you both chair-based and massage bed techniques, explaining the anatomy of the back and the key areas to target. You will be shown each massage sequence in detail, before getting the opportunity to practice on each other. A back muscle anatomy card for you to make notes and refer to after the experience.

couple in a spa bead

Body Therapy

COMO Shambhala Bath

Our cleansing COMO Shambhala Bath treatment gently exfoliates and softens the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. After dry brushing your body, our expert therapists will apply COMO Shambhala’s Body Scrub, combines the exfoliating benefits of sea salt and sugar with a nut oil base, as well as luxurious shea butter. Once this has been absorbed into the skin, enjoy an invigorating bath, before the session concludes with the long calming strokes of our signature COMO Shambhala Massage.

Marine Algae Therapy

Our Marine Algae Therapy Wrap contains rich minerals and vitamins to stimulate metabolism and boost circulation. This treatment also includes a gentle massage of the face and head. After a shower, the Marine Algae Therapy Wrap finishes with our signature COMO Shambhala Massage.

Dead Sea Mud Therapy

Our nurturing Dead Sea Mud Therapy helps to extract impurities from the skin while moisturizing the body and relieving muscle tension. The warm mud treatment includes a gentle exfoliating scrub, as well as a face and scalp massage. After a shower, the treatment concludes with our nurturing signature COMO Shambhala Massage.

COMO Shambhala Sun Soother

This soothing face and body treatment is designed specifically for use after excessive sun exposure, nourishing and comforting the skin as well as reducing heat and redness.

Rejuvenating Body Treatment

The treatment begins with your therapist explaining the myriad benefits of a few oils, for you to select one based on your needs – which invariably will be linked with your Dosha (an Ayurvedic body profile). This is followed by a soothing Abhyanga back massage using warm herbal oil, a purifying exfoliation, and the application of a herbal body mask. The process will be repeated on the front of your body, before concluding with a therapeutic facial and hydrating massage.

Facial Care

Sundãri Age Defying Firming Facial

The Sundãri Age Defying Firming Facial, using the regenerative properties of Gotu Kola, helps to reclaim your skin’s youth. Not only does it feel luxurious, Gotu Kola instantly exfoliates, firms
and improves tone and texture.

Sundãri Intensive Healing Facial

The Sundãri Intensive Healing Facial is suitable for very sensitive skin and utilises the purifying benefits of Neem, known in India as the ‘pharmacy tree’. Organic plant extracts are combined with soothing oil to heal, hydrate and firm – restoring balance to sensitive or irritated skin, helping it to regain its youthful glow.

Sundãri ‘Essential Supplifying’ Facial

The Sundãri Essential Supplifying Facial breathes new life into dry or stressed skin with a deeply nourishing and intensely hydrating treatment. The treatment will start with a relaxing Abhyanga back massage, followed by application of Sundãri’s Omega3+ complex, using naturally active ingredients to restore lost skin lipids. Skin is left softened and renewed, with a natural glow.

Sundãri Beautiful Eyes

The luxurious Sundãri Beautiful Eyes treatment hydrates and firms the delicate eye area. Assisted by penetrating age-defying formulas, this treatment also soothes puffiness, and hydrates and relieves tired eyes.

Sundãri Firming Neck Treatment

The Sundãri Firming Neck Treatment helps you reclaim a healthy appearance to the neck area. First, an active exfoliation with enzymes and bamboo extract reduces roughness, uneven pigment and loose skin. Then an energizing mask and massage, utilizing the rejuvenating effects of Gotu Kola, leaves skin firm, smooth and restored.

Guinot Facial

Guinot Hydradermie Plus Treatment

This Guinot Hydradermie Plus Treatment involves deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation and hydration to leave skin with a healthy glow. Prescriptive gels to suit your specific needs are applied to your skin, before a mild ionised current helps the gel to penetrate through. The Guinot Hydradermie Plus Treatment also targets the eye and neck areas, with firming and hydrating gels which smooth away the signs of aging.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift

The Guinot Hydradermie Lift lifts and firms the skin. The treatment stimulates the small muscles of the face to give a firmer, more radiant appearance, and also promotes oxygenation to revitalise the skin.

Guinot Hydradermie Lift For The Eyes

The relaxing Guinot Hydradermie Lift for the Eyes helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fines lines around the eye area. A mild muscle-stimulating electric current, and application of specific Guinot eye products, make for long-lasting results.

Guinot Aromatic Facial

The Guinot Aromatic Facial uses the natural healing powers of plant extracts to cleanse and nourish the skin. A gentle nourishing mask and facial massage will leave your skin glowing and revitalized, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin, or after excessive sun exposure.

Guinot Age Summum

Guinot Age Summum is the pinnacle of anti-ageing treatments, using pure Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and ProCollagen to target the signs of ageing. Active ingredients penetrate the skin using the exclusive Age Summum anti-ageing facial massage. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the skin’s youthful radiance is restored.

Guinot Lift Summum

This exclusive firming treatment immediately helps reduce signs of fatigue and ageing, focusing on the face, neck and décolletage. The unique stimulating massage visibly lifts and firms while the active ingredient, collagen, helps to improve elasticity. The treatment also diminishes the appearance of fine lines, while the unique face and décolleté masks restore a youthful appearance.

Guinot Détoxygène

An exclusive treatment that harnesses the power of nature to detoxify and oxygenate – ideal for city living or suffocated skin. ProOxygen stimulates cellular respiration while the following natural green clay Pro-Oxygen Mask absorbs toxins on the skin’s surface. This anti-pollution treatment is designed for dull or lifeless skin and incorporates a Serenity Massage to promote lymphatic drainage, leaving skin fresh and clear.

Dr. Hauschka Facial

Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment

The Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment helps tension melt away. Tired feet are soothed with an aromatherapy footbath and gentle leg and foot strokes, while arms are stretched to encourage deep breathing and relaxation. Skin is gently cleansed, then given a deeply nurturing custom mask. Signature lymphatic stimulation is performed to help promote internal skin health, relaxation and radiant beauty.

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Treatment

The Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Treatment brings clarity to skin that is out of balance, resulting in a healthy even glow. An aromatherapy footbath helps to draw energy and stress from the mind, while herbal-infused steam and a clay face mask lift and remove impurities. Lymphatic stimulation encourages the draining of toxins from the body, leaving you cleansed and revitalised.

Ayurveda Therapy


Abhyanga is a rhythmic Ayurvedic massage that uses warm herbal oils to help energise the body and improve circulation. As impurities and toxins loosen from the muscles, it helps to enhance the body’s immunity while inducing a state of deep relaxation in the mind.


During a Pizichil therapy, warm herbal oil is continuously poured over the entire body. Our COMO Shambhala experts combine this Ayurvedic treatment with a soothing massage to create a rejuvenating therapy that counteracts everyday stress.


Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment that helps to improve focus, concentration and relaxation. After a gentle massage to the neck and shoulder areas, warm oil is poured in a steady stream over the forehead. This deeply calming practice quiets the mind and the senses, helping to improve mental clarity and comprehension.

Abhyanga Package – Abhyanga,
Swedana, Ubtan and Shirodhara

This trio of Ayurvedic treatments enhances circulation and releases impurities through the skin. An Abhyanga rhythmic massage is combined with a Swedana herbal steam treatment, before concluding with Shirodhara, where COMO Shambhala therapists gently pour warm herbal oil in a steady stream over the forehead, calming the senses while inducing clarity of mind.

Pizichil Package – Pizichil, Swedana,
Ubtan and Shirodhara

This package of Ayurvedic treatments helps to treat stress, anxiety and nervousness. The treatment begins with a Pizichil Massage, where the body is bathed in lukewarm medicated oil. This is combined with a Swedana herbal steam treatment and Ubtan application to enhance circulation and release impurities through the skin. The session concludes with Shirodhara, during which COMO Shambhala therapists gently pour warm herbal oil into a steady stream over the forehead, calming the senses while inducing clarity of mind.

Beauty Care


We offer a range of hair-removal treatments administered by our expert staff, each one designed to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

Nail Care

Nourishing treatments for hands and feet that use soothing massage and gentle scrubs to tidy cuticles and nails.

Mind and Body Discipline


Yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years. It provides a total workout for both body and mind, incorporating strengthening exercises with breathing and meditation techniques. The benefits are myriad, from increased flexibility and muscle tone, to lowered stress levels and blood pressure. Private yoga classes are available
on request for beginners to experts, helping to develop a practice that can be incorporated into a daily lifestyle or to enhance your existing yoga commitment. Our yoga expert works closely with you to design a program for your specific needs.

Family Yoga

This family class incorporates a yoga lesson for two adults and two children over the age of five. Yoga can help improve concentration, stimulate the imagination and release energy in a fun, safe environment. Children will learn about animals, nature and basic anatomy, using animated yoga postures. For teenagers, yoga is a great way to reduce the everyday stress of school, exams and impending adulthood.


Discover the healing and relaxing power of this ancient therapeutic tradition, through one-on-one sessions.


Pranayama is an art that practises breathing control, enabling optimum health and calm by increasing oxygen flow.


Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that assists to improve posture, circulation and flexibility by toning muscles and strengthening the core. It also encourages mind-body balance with calming, regular exercises. Private Pilates sessions are available for beginners to experts, using either the mat or Reformer styles to enhance existing practice or give an introduction to the Pilates method of exercise.

Pranayama and Meditation (Combination)

Learn how to breathe effectively with Pranayama – the art of breath control – which enables optimum health by better supplying the body and its various organs with oxygen. Combine this with meditation, which comes easily in the silent environs of the Estate, for a dual practice that has the power to both invigorate the body and relax the mind.

Fitness and Personal Training

Personal training and private fitness sessions are available on request for anyone from beginner to expert level. Our resident fitness instructor works closely with each client to determine specific needs and design a programme best suited to their goals.

Core Connection

A Pilates-based class focusing on strengthening, toning and stretching your midsection, as well as helping you understand the key active muscles that make up the core.

Kid’s Menu

COMO Shambhala Massage for Children

This nurturing massage, using our signature blended massage oil, is aimed at calming excited minds and rejuvenating tired bodies – perfect for children in need of a boost.

yoga pause of kid in the beach

Children’s Pedicure

This relaxing pedicure comprises a warm foot soak, gentle exfoliation and a massage using COMO Shambhala New Skin Oil – a real treat for active feet. Lastly, toenails are filed and painted in your child’s favourite colour.

Cleansing Facial

Specially designed for delicate skin, this treatment provides a light cleanse for young complexions.

Children’s Manicure

This manicure is a soothing treatment for busy hands, beginning with a warm hand soak in aromatic water, followed by a gentle exfoliation. Next, a calming massage will leave hands feeling soft and smooth. For the finishing touch, children can choose their favourite polish colour to add to their manicured fingernails.

Wellness Path For Young Ones

Young ones can get a taste of COMO Shambhala relaxation with this nurturing wellness path, aimed at relaxing the mind and body. They can choose between a 30-minute back massage, foot massage or facial, before enjoying a mini manicure and pedicure. They can also opt to have their nails painted in their favourite colour

Wellness Immersions

Be Active

Kick-start an active lifestyle you can sustain, armed with new insights about your body. This Immersion incorporates an exercise session and treatments designed to benefit an active lifestyle.
• A 60-minute group exercise class or wellness activity (timing per scheduled daily activities).
• A 60-minute Thai massage, where our therapist will maneuver your body into yoga-like stretching positions to help unblock trapped energy.
• A 60-minute Reflexology treatment, targeting pressure points on your feet to help rebalance your senses.
• A glass of COMO Shambhala Muscle Mylk – a blend of banana, coconut milk and other enriching ingredients designed to speed recovery by reducing inflammation and replenishing nutrients.

COMO Shambhala Cleanse

Cultivate an approach to well-being that goes beyond skin-deep. This Immersion combines movement, body treatments and massage therapies for a sense of active renewal and gentle cleansing, along with a small gift to continue inspiring a healthy lifestyle at home.
• A 60-minute group exercise class or wellness activity (per scheduled daily activities).
• A 30-minute COMO Shambhala Skin Detoxifying Treatment: a scrub, shower with our PURIFY massage oil blend, to help detox and revive tired skin, assisting to improve circulation and skin tone.
• A 60-minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, designed to encourage lymph drainage, carrying toxins and waste away from the tissues, aiding the body’s natural detoxification process.
• A glass of COMO Shambhala Green and Clean Juice that boosts energy and assists immune function.
• A 100ml bottle of our PURIFY blended massage oil, which combines cleansing fennel and citrus oils with the soothing effects of cypress and the refreshing scents of sweet grapefruit.

COMO Shambhala Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important components of wellness. This Immersion sets you up for a night of true rest while you’re with us. We will also suggest ways to adjust your home environment– your shower habits, aroma usage, meal schedules and more – for better sleep patterns, which will reduce stress and restore energy long-term.
• A 60-minute group exercise class or wellness activity (per scheduled daily activities)
• A 60-minute COMO Shambhala Massage, which uses our signature blended massage oils that assist in completely calming the mind and gently rejuvenating the body.
• A 60-minute Reflexology treatment, where our therapists apply gentle pressure to the body’s reflex points in order to rebalance your senses
• A 10ml CALM essential oil blend to use in your bath later in the evening, helping you prepare for restful sleep

COMO Shambhala Glow

Restore your natural radiance – often dulled by the daily hustle. This Immersion consists of intense personal care as our expert therapists treat your skin, muscles, nails, and senses with a variety of indulgent experiences.
• A 60-minute group exercise class or wellness activity (per scheduled daily activities).
• Your choice of a 60-minute COMO Shambhala massage treatment
• A 30-minute facial helps to restore skin moisture and create a healthful glow.
• A 30-minute body scrub using our INVIGORATE exfoliant, assisting to remove impurities and soften the skin.
• A 30-minute manicure or pedicure to tidy and shape your nails.
• A COMO Shambhala balm of your choice to take home.

COMO Shambhala Bespoke

Choose what works for you. This Immersion is for those looking for a more personalised experience, with activities and treatments chosen according to your specific needs.
• Your choice of a 60-minute group exercise class or wellness activity (per scheduled daily activities).
• Your choice of any two COMO Shambhala treatments (60 minutes each, 120 minutes total), additional charges apply for wellness specialist or Ayurvedic treatments selected.


Experience the pristine beaches, thriving marine life and Caribbean culture of the Turks and Caicos Islands with our island guides. Younger guests can also enjoy programmes designed specially for them at Play by COMO.


COMO Parrot Cay’s menus draw from the Caribbean’s seafood larder. Our relaxed poolside Lotus restaurant serves light Caribbean-inspired dishes during the day, and contemporary Asian at night. Terrace restaurant, located in the island’s heart, is more formal, and specialises in modern Italian cuisine.

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