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Grand Hotel Tremezzo

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About this hotel

A place that’s cemented by years of extraordinary experience

Let history envelop you and relive the exuberant decadence of times past.
A stay at Villa Sola Cabiati, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s private residence, is the utmost experience in aristocratic luxury on Lake Como.
Making your idea of a dream getaway come true, our exclusive offers will give you a vacation of a lifetime.
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Healing Focus


T Spa

Welcome to T Spa, our lakeside oasis of wellness where your mind and body will be enveloped in the ultimate blend of care, professionalism and harmony.
Sitting between 18th-century Villa Emilia and the historic palace, and boasting luxuriant design materials and spectacular panoramic views over the lake, T Spa offers a truly unique and authentic experience tailored to meet your personal wellness needs.

Our team of specialists works with Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a line of products benefitting from centuries of artisanal experience and indigenous, natural ingredients to guarantee the utmost excellence.

t spa room at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Infinity Pool

Our mesmerizing Infinity Pool will soothe your soul and heal your body.
Two strips of azure water linked by an arched passage flow boundlessly into the lake in a breathtaking illusion. As you dip into the warm waters, give yourself permission to succumb to the beauty of the surroundings and be enveloped in a feeling of total relaxation.

Five hydro-massage experiences are hidden in different corners of the pool, further enhancing your well-being. And there’s even an adjustable current to swim against. A complete water treatment.

Heat Experience

The Heat Experience continues the long tradition of immersing the body in different temperatures to boost wellness.

The Turkish bath, Mediterranean steam room, sauna with lake views, emotional showers, ice fountain and a relaxation area bedecked in onyx stone are yours for as long as you please. As you move from space to space, take time to recognize the effects the heat is having on your mind and body – relieved tension, improved circulation, softer skin and, of course, a feeling of total wellbeing.

In 2022, the Heat Experience has to be reserved in advance with our T Spa Team, for moments of pure relaxation in total intimacy.

heat experience at Grand Hotel Tremezzo italy

Signature T Spa Treatments

We are delighted to offer you a selection of treatments designed exclusively for T Spa.

Whether you are looking to relax, revitalize or simply escape the world for a few moments, we have the treatment to perfectly meet your needs. Our rituals inspired by ancient cultures and avant-garde treatments – always performed by highly trained practitioners – are so effective and therapeutically beneficial that you will be left overwhelmed.


Lake Como Sleep Ritual

Drawing on the natural properties of the plants growing on the shores of Lake Como, T Spa has created a total body experience that calms the mind and soothes the body. The ritual starts with a full-body exfoliation using everlasting flower, sage and mint, continuing with a treatment that warms and relaxes tired muscles using ultrasoft packs of lavender and concludes with an incredibly relaxing head-to-toe massage that will leave you with the sensation of pure wellness.

Grand Detox

The ultimate detox treatment starts with a deep cleansing white and green clay wrap infused with Santa Maria Novella essential oils and continues with a detoxifying and lymphatic massage. The ritual concludes with a relaxing scalp massage.

T Spa Haven

A total delight, this is a face and body treatment that will leave you with a deep sense of wellness. Starting with a revitalizing and
antioxidant massage using warmed lemon, bergamot and anise essential oils, the treatment continues with an illuminating facial by Santa Maria Novella to get your skin looking glowing and renewed.

T Spa Suite

Suite Time Together

Relax and revel in the intimacy of your very own private spa. Done up in warm wood, the space comprises a sumptuous whirlpool tub, sauna, steam bath and contrast cascade shower. All to be enjoyed before succumbing to the pleasure of a couple’s massage lasting 50 or 80 blissful minutes. When you awaken from the depths of relaxation, a cup of fragrant herbal tea and treats, freshly baked by our chef, will be by your side. A divine experience to share with your loved one and an irresistible excuse to indulge in total relaxation.

Hammam Suite

Indulgence Hammam

A total body experience that caresses your skin, revitalizes your body and calms your mind. Your traditional experience will start in the steam room, continuing with a face and body cleanse using the time-honored Kessa mitt and followed by a full body foam massage with eucalyptus soap, a nourishing honey body mask and a refreshing hair cleanse. The ritual ends in the plunge pool to close the blood vessels that were opened in the calidarium, improving blood circulation and sending you into a state of relaxation.

Hammam Suite with bath tub in white marble wall

Ultimate Hammam

Our complete Indulgence Hammam ritual plus a personalized 60-minute Santa Maria Novella massage.

Private T Spa

This a unique opportunity for our more romantic guests. T Spa after hours for an exclusive 30 or 50-minute couples massage and an infinity poolside cocktail for two. Dip into the pool, nibble on strawberries and sip on champagne as you breathe in the spectacular company and lake view.

Couple Massages

A wonderful way to escape the world and be pampered side by side, sending you into a state of total relaxation for 50 or 80 minutes.

T Spa Body

Aromatic Herbal Scrub

This exceptional exfoliating body treatment combines the beneficial properties of salts with Santa Maria Novella arnica cream to give you nourished, silky smooth skin. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment or before a massage.

Lymphatic Treatment

A body treatment that relieves water retention using a blend of substances with draining, protective and detoxifying properties. Body brushing, draining serum, a cold wrap using Santa Maria Novella Herb Water and a cooling gel for your legs will leave you with supple,
polished skin.

Express Massage

This massage focuses on a specific part of the body, such as the back, feet or scalp, combining the most appropriate massage techniques and Santa Maria Novella pure essential oils to meet your needs on the day.

Relax Massage

This deeply nurturing full-body massage uses gentle, rhythmic pressure on the back, back of legs, front of legs and abdomen to encourage lymphatic drainage, boost circulation and calm both body and mind. Ideal for stress, anxiety and muscle tension, while also promoting emotional and physical calm and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage

An intense and energizing massage that eases stubborn tension and muscle pain with the relaxing properties of lavender oil. Ideal for treating specific parts of the body and relieving common complaints such as stiff neck and shoulders, and lower back pain.

spa bed with brown linen sheet Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Hot Stone Massage

With its tension-easing effect, this relaxing massage blends the movements of the practitioner’s hands with the warmth of stones to relieve tense muscles, boost circulation and purify the skin.

Maternity Massage

Specially designed for expecting women or new mums, this massage uses special massage techniques to improve circulation, ease tension and drain tired legs. A delicate scalp massage brings deep relaxation and supports emotional balance, while a nourishing oil is applied over the body to prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

Candle Massage

The Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella candle massage is a wonderful beauty treatment using pure plant oils and prime emollient creams like shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. The slow, enveloping movements of the practitioner’s hands will massage you from head to toe, coaxing you into a deep state of relaxation of the mind and body.

T Spa Facials

Rebalancing Facial

A rebalancing facial includes a deep skin cleanse, exfoliation, peel-off mask and targeted face and scalp massage.

Glowing Facial

An ultra-hydrating treatment that cleanses the skin barrier and maintains its water reserve, an effect enhanced by the face cleansing powder from Santa Maria Novella.

Rose Facial

A treatment that repairs and nourishes delicate, sensitive skin, protecting it from damage from the environment and signs of aging. Rose Water cleanses and tones the skin while the draining massage and rebalancing mask hydrates, instilling a feeling of profound wellness.

Supreme Facial

An effective treatment that regenerates mature skin and helps minimize the signs of aging. The appearance of the skin is visibly improved with a special age-defying massage technique and a selection of softening and revitalizing products, leaving you with a toned, radiant and rejuvenated complexion.

Eyes & Lips Firming Treatment

A toning and hydrating treatment that helps reduce the first signs of aging around the eyes and relieves tension normally caused by computer-related eye strain. The ritual comprises cleansing, delicate exfoliation, a special massage and the application of a regenerative serum and pollen cream from Santa Maria Novella.

Purifying Facial

Whether your skin is in need of a deep cleanse, healthy glow, soothing or hydrating action, this personalized treatment combines a relaxing shoulder, neck, face and scalp massage with a product tailored to your skin type.

exfoliating mask use in spa at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

T Spa Finishing Touches Studio

Essential Manicure

A relaxing hand and nail treatment including a nail cleanse and file, cuticle work, hand cream and nail polish.

Luxury Manicure

Minimizing the signs of aging, this beauty treatment will get your hands looking young and polished. The treatment includes an enzyme-exfoliating peeling mask and an almond mask, as well as the Essential

Essential Pedicure

A relaxing foot and nail treatment including a foot soak, nail exfoliation and file, cuticle work, cream and nail polish.

Foot Ritual

A revitalizing treatment for tired feet that helps reduce swelling and soothes aches and pains. Suitable for everybody, it is wonderful after hiking, cycling, water skiing or simply walking one of the lake trails. Essential Pedicure is included in the ritual.

Vanita Hair Salon

Scalp Treatment

A ritual that regenerates and restructures, combining massage techniques and scalp treatment.

Hair Mask Treatment

A personalized treatment combining the application of a dedicated hair mask and massage techniques. Your hair will immediately appear healthier and lighter and you’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


Our hair stylist will help you achieve the perfect look for your days by the lakeside.


Inspired by the divas of the past and the latest trends, your up-do is the finishing touch that will take your evening look to the stars.


What are your colors? Our make-up artists will perfectly match your make-up to your evening dress so you can look and feel spectacular.

T Spa Kids & Teens

Exclusive T Spa Experience (for Parent and Child)

A parent-and-child experience in the exclusive T Spa Suite. This adventure into the world of aromatherapy starts with a face and body treatment combining floral water, Provence rose oil and iris powder to hydrate, cleanse and nourish the skin. Before you indulge in the elegant Spa Suite, which is all yours, complete with a sumptuous whirlpool tub, sauna, steam bath, contrast cascade shower, fruit cocktails, herbal tea and treats baked by our pastry chef.

Olive Oil Experience

A gentle rebalancing massage for the face and body that softens and helps keep the hydrolipidic film of the skin intact. A complete spa treatment for all skin types.

activities at Grand Hotel Tremezzo


At the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, we want you to spend time doing what you love most. Live the lake on the water, on foot, or from the air, express your personal response to its beauty through art, taste the authentic flavours of Lake Como, experience its best shops and tire yourself out with a touch of sport.

Featured Experiences:
Shopping (Milan)
Lake Como Greenway
San Martino Church
Sacro Monte di Ossuccio
Chilometro della Conoscenza
Ruy and Batt Venetian motorboat ride
Explore (Como, Lugano, Lake Maggiore, Verona, St. Moritz)


A taste of rural Italy.

Local dishes with a twist and a selection of the finest Italian wines are served in the relaxed surroundings of a stunning wine cellar.

Fine dining restaurant serving the great Gualtiero Marchesi’s signature dishes on the most beautiful terrace on Lake Como.

Heartfelt dinners for two in the most romantic corners of the Palace, where the answer will be yes, whatever the question.

dining and food with chef at Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Hotel Facilities

Infrared Sauna
Pilates Studio


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