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Hotel Bad Schoergau

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A lot of time has passed since 1533, but the ancient spirit of traditional seaside culture is still alive. This is what the Winter family wants to represent and maintain. With enthusiasm, commitment and sensitivity they make the guest feel like a part of Bad Schörgau. They are always open to new ideas and new projects. For them, stillness and immobility are foreign words. And so Bad Schörgau will continue to change in the future too…


We have put our philosophy in writing, but more importantly, it is reflected in our every daily gesture.

Healing Focus



It’s already in the name: Bad means ‘bath’ in German. Bad Schörgau has a long lasting tradition as a ‘farmer’s bath’. The hotel’s very own fresh water spring has already been mentioned as a medicinal spring in 1624. The water is very soothing due to its high iron and sulphur content.

We are committed to this long history and also to the farmer’s bath traditions. This is why we wanted to combine the traditional methods with modern elements. The base is always formed by our very own spring water and other high quality natural ingredients.


What does Silhouette-Gourmet mean? It’s a unique combination of spa treatments, combined with an adapted cuisine and the best sleep quality. Everything is perfectly balanced. That is how we can offer the most effective wellness experience.

It all revolves around a body purification process that is made with the most top-of-the-notch treatments and products in our new spa. Since diet is a huge part of the process we have included accompanying light gourmet menus. You will get to enjoy culinary delights even while purifying your body – without any regrets!



In 2017 we devoted our time to a project that was very close to our heart: reviving our historical barn. As with everything else we tackle, we wanted to form a connection between tradition and the current zeitgeist.

This is why we left the outer facade unaltered with its adorning elements and window shutters. Other parts have been restructured, for example: We used the original working table that was already used in the 19th century to make the ‘monk roof tiles’ with local porphyry sand. The interior has been newly designed. For this we used natural spruce and also hemp, one of the oldest agricultural crops in the world. The room should make you feel safe and comfortable while the ornaments are symbols of local tradition: simple yet generous, no excessive flourishes but a delicate and pure embellishment.



The mountains of the Val Sarentino/Sarntal Alps surround the valley that stretches its way up north from Bolzano like a protective horseshoe. It is a quiet oasis, tucked away between the main arteries that are the Eisack/Isarco and Etsch/Adige valleys. The high mountains in the north flatten out towards the south and result in a fascinating natural landscape – just a few kilometres from the bustling regional capital.



Top cuisine free of constraints, demands and expectations. Instead, an immersion including all the senses, sitting together at the same table and being accompanied by the best natural wines. This is the Restaurant Alpes’ philosophy. Here every guest enjoys at the highest level and feels the stars shine in every dish.

Our young but highly decorated kitchen team led by Mattia Baroni combines passion for enjoyment with fresh ideas – always authentic, always noticeably different. Here, the original tastes of South Tyrol and Italy reign.

At lunchtime and in the evening we serve different dishes, small or large – of course always freshly prepared. In addition you will have the choice between a good bottle or glass of wine. To guarantee great variety our dishes change constantly, while Gregor’s cheese recommendations form the culinary constancy.

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